Thursday, April 15, 2010

Upcoming Presentation

Hey Everyone,

Just want to make a quick announcement regarding an upcoming presentation. As you are well aware, I've been busy presenting on our Romaine River trip in the last little while. I've been pleasantly surprised both by the presentation requests and the audience's feedback. Well as it stands, it's still not over yet.

There has been two formats to the presentations I've been giving. One that involves another group that we met on the trip, while the other one is specifically about our group's adventures on the Romaine. Like the one given at Nova Craft in London following the latter format, I will be presenting with members of our group here in Toronto. (since I'm sure most of you weren't in London!) This is being hosted by one of my sponsors, The Complete Paddler at their downtown retail shop.

If you need a boat, look no further! They have the biggest
selection of boats in the country!

Although there are definitely some elements that do carry over from one presentation to the other, there are many that don't. This is an 'all boys' group/trip presentation that is guaranteed to be very different in nature from the other one. You're sure to be entertained by the comical interactions of our group, humorous incidents, shocking events, and spectacular photos on a remote, wild and infrequently traveled river. It promises to be a evening of high adventure that will leave you immediately wanting to head out on your own trip! (well,...maybe) Secondly, Johnson Outdoors/Eureka is providing a Chrysalis Hammock as a door prize! This slick unit is now my choice of shelter when I head out on solo canoe trips as it has provided me with the most comfortable sleep ever! I guarantee you'll want to win this one!

The ultimate solo tripping shelter! Once you try it, you
might not want to go back! One of these will
be up for grabs!

So if you are not doing anything, come on out on Friday April 30th at 7:00PM and join us. There is no charge for the event, parking is free and The Complete Paddler will even provide some light refreshments. Also, if you've never been there, feel free to come by early to see the huge selection of canoes, kayaks and accessories. If you are even compelled to buy a boat, I'll convince Kelly (the owner) to give you a deal!

Information regarding the store's address and location is on their website under "Contact Us". Hope to see you all there,- whether you paddle or not!


This group of clowns at the presentation are known as
RRC- The Romaine River Crew!

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