Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nunikani Loop

Trees changing colour, mist in the mornings and cooler
temperatures herald the change in season

Even more recently, I came back from another solo excursion, 3 days in Haliburton doing the Nunikani Loop. The whole Leslie Frost area is now managed privately by the town under the name of Haliburton Highland Water Trails. After registering for the particular campsites and paying for it on the internet, off I went!

I had a nice trip that saw very little traffic or congestion, (namely other canoeist) due to the time of year. Not that I don't like running into them, (I actually met a very nice couple at the put-in where we ended up sharing contact info) but I understand these popular weekend destinations can get very busy. So it was nice to have most of the place to myself.

By the way, autumn is definitely on its way. The last morning was very cool and the colours have already started changing. Anyhow, here's a few pics. Now I got to get packing for the next trip with another new partner for an extended 9 day excursion in the Chiniguichi area. Be in touch soon!


Being alone allows you to take plenty pictures of
of yourself! I'm so full of myself, huh?!
(Don't you dare say it!)

French River Old Voyageur Route

With the weather being so nice, you sometimes just have
to kick back and enjoy the scenery!

Okay, I'm majorly behind on posts (as expected) so I'm going to throw a couple at you regarding 2 trips. Its my way of trying to stay in touch for the next little while, so here's the overdue one first.

I recently came back from an amazing trip on the French River following the Old Voyageur Route. It was 5 days of very hot sunny weather, - like summer again! (wait, did we have summer this year?!) I also got to trip with a new paddler, Andrea that I met through MEC's People Connect. Its always a little nerve-racking paddling with someone new for the first time, but it turned out great!

Anyhow, the one thing that stood out on this trip other than the great weather was the gourmet food that Andrea provided. When I write a post on this trip, it will be like describing a menu at the restaurant! No joke! I was literally blown away! I was certainly reminded how differently people trip and even learned to appreciate it. (I don't know if I can deal with packaged dehydrated food anymore!!!) Well here's a couple pics to tease you regarding
this trip for now. Next, I'm headed off for another solo excursion.

Happy Paddling!,

Check this out! - Slow roasted tomatoes on salmon with toasted
pearl couscous on a bed of mixed greens!
Even I still say "wow"!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Solo Excursion Pics

This is what it looked like starting the trip...

...and what it looked like finishing it!
(I know, I got it all wrong!)

Hey Everyone,

Didn't want to stay incognito for too long. I've been jumping between trips and there hasn't been any time to do much else than work and get ready for the next excursion. The solo trip went well - a split trip between Algonquin and the Kawarthas. It was really hard to go on my own after the trip with my "paddling bro's" on the Romaine, but it all came to together and I found peace, solitude and contentment out there. The weather was split - 2 days of rain and grey skies, then two days of blue skies and sunshine. Here's a few pics to tie you over. Now heading out to the French for 5 days to do the Old Voyageur Route. Be in touch soon!


I'm not fussy on trips. Just a comfortable
place to sleep, and....

...a slice of wilderness. (a full moon helps!)