Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebrating St Patrick's Day - In A Canoe!

A few years back I saw a news post on a St Patrick's day celebration in Chicago. What made it unique was what they did - they put green dye in the river. (apparently harmless to aquatic wildlife) And what really caught my eye was the canoes and kayaks paddling through it. How cool! Apparently its been a tradition for 40 years. What a novel way to celebrate St Pat's. Like when was the last time you've paddled on a green river? I wish I was there to paddle!

As much as Lake Vernon was open, most of it was still
iced over. We paddled to the most north-
easterly point to celebrate.

Of course I couldn't help start thinking about how I could celebrate St Patrick's Day, - in a canoe! And no, before you jump to conclusions I didn't purchase a barrel of green food colouring. (but yes I admit, the thought did come to mind) Around Toronto at this time of year, the rivers are usually open and Lake Ontario tends to be open in spots. My problem was that over St Patrick's, I would be in Huntsville visiting my girlfriend Lisa. All the lakes on the way up were still frozen over despite the extremely warm weather so the possibility seemed slim. However Lake Vernon, where my girlfriend's home is located was actually open in the middle so the reality of celebrating St Patrick's on the water definitely seemed feasible. (See previous post on "First paddle of 2010".)

Lisa was most understandably shy at first, but....

After some discussion, we decided to purchase some St Patrick's Day paraphernalia including some local brew. (What's St Paddy's without beer!) We also wanted to purchase some green food colouring for the beer, but if you believe, the grocery store actually sold out of them! I was a little disappointed but in the end it didn't matter as our mugs were green. I also would have loved to paddle out in a green canoe but unfortunately there wasn't one available, otherwise we were pretty much set to go.

...she came around and was a good sport for the camera! Yes,
I owe her big time! Especially looking like that! Lol!

So on St Patrick's we headed out in a canoe on possibly the only open lake in the vicinity (which frankly was still mostly covered in ice) to celebrate. After paddling to the furthest point, which also involved breaking some ice, we finally rammed the canoe on top of the ice. (Thank goodness for skid plates!) We then adorned ourselves in appropriate wear and cracked open a cold one to toast St Paddy's. I'm sure any observant eyes would be shaking their heads, but hey, we were out to celebrate St Patrick's Day in the most fitting way a passionate paddler would, - in a canoe!

Since when did you ever have a coaster that keeps your
beer cold as well! (And no it didn't tip over, - I
just knew you would ask!)

So how did you celebrate St Patrick's this year?!

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