Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm Finally Back

Two of four canoes around the house. Why the wheelbarrow?
To the stop the dog from constantly peeing 
on my canoe! Sigh!

I hope everyone has been keeping well. I've been MIA for quite some time, and I apologize to all of you that have patiently been waiting. Lots has happened since my last post, but unfortunately not in regards to canoeing. Since we moved into our new house prior to the wedding, we've had lots to do in order to get settled - which meant unpacking, hanging things, fixing stuff, endless cleaning, moving furniture, re-moving furniture, buying things, and returning things. Talking about returning things, I've never returned so much things in my life! Our main bathroom has had half a dozen mirror changes because it didn't look right, and even when we finally found the one, it had to be returned due to a crack in the frame! Go figure!

 We've accomplished quite a bit, but there's still more to do. I've yet to unpack all my camping gear, which I confess to having too much of, so that is my winter project. I've already been instructed by my wife to unclutter/dispose of excess gear, which I agreed to do as well - sigh. (Shhhh, I counted 9 tents!) In any case, the important thing is to make sure I have everything arranged so that I am set to get back to tripping this year. I thought for sure I would be suffering a severe case of withdrawal from not paddling, but surprisingly, I've managed okay. I think it was only because there was so much to do, my mind was constantly occupied with what had to get done next. I have to say, it is really nice to have our own place, but it was quickly evident how much time, money and effort that goes towards owning a home. We are finally at a place where we are somewhat comfortable and can relax a bit. There is lots of projects still in the works, but for now they can take a number. I have the rest of the my life to deal with them. (Hopefully Anita misses this post!) 

Funny enough, my wife has been on my case about working on the blog. Imagine that! (You can thank her for that.) She wants me to inform all of you that my absence from the blog has nothing to do with her, but rather my preoccupation with domestic things. Well, it's time for me to get back into it. I hear it all the time about how marriage can quite often change things from the status quo, which specifically means your hobbies or favourite past times, such as canoe trips. I can see how that can be to some degree, especially if children come into play. However, Anita was well aware of my inclinations and propensity towards paddling before we tied the knot, and she says, (so far) she doesn't have any intentions in changing that. I can't love her enough for that. (I know some of you are smirking! I'll let you know again in a few years.) In any case, it is great to be back and I look forward to sharing paddling stories with all of you! 


PS. On a funny note, one of our neighbours made a remark about how many canoes were laying around the house. 
Little do they know!

Many of you want to know about our canoe wedding and
how it turned out. That will be my next post!
Photo: Anice Wong