Friday, April 23, 2010

Presentation Update

Just a small part of the Romaine River experience!

Just a quick update on the upcoming presentation at The Complete Paddler.
They have asked that you call ahead to the store to make reservations. Not so much that you have to reserve a seat, but rather so they know how many people to expect and have appropriate number of seats and refreshments. The number for The Complete Paddler is 416 255 6905.

To sweeten the experience that evening, The Complete Paddler has generously offered a Salus Eddy (PFD) as a prize! And only for those who are attending the presentation, all in-store accessories/merchandise will be on sale as an added incentive if you decide to buy anything.
Wow, it keeps getting better! What's not to like!

Well, hope to see many of you there. If you've already attended a previous presentation, please pass the word around!


Here's the presentation announcement below to The Complete Paddler's website:

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