Thursday, May 20, 2010

Successful Presentation @ The Complete Paddler

Big thanks the TCP crew for putting together a great venue for
my presentation! You guys rock!
Photo: Ben Albert

Phew! It's finally all over for the season! (Presentations, not paddling!) Yes, I really enjoyed presenting on our Romaine River trip this year. It's so rewarding to excite people about canoeing, inform them about issues regarding protecting our waterways, and providing advice and information about tripping. I've met many great folks who are avid paddlers themselves, ones that are considering it, and others that aren't! Its fortunate that I am able to get out so often on canoe trips, but its opportunities like this that I feel I can give back. Its well worth it!

Considering I was doing a presentation on a canoe trip, its seemed a
bit odd that we were completely surrounded by sea kayaks!
Hmmm, subliminal marketing?!! I'll have to
speak to the TCP gang!!
Photo: Ellen Lee

Thank you to all those who came out to my presentation. I certainly hope you all enjoyed it and left with the desire to head out on your own trip! A big thanks to Kelly McDowell and The Complete Paddler crew that worked hard to put the great evening together! Especially to Adam Lawrence (Associate Events Manager) who worked hard behind the scene to organize this presentation and ensure it went smoothly. Another big thanks to Eureka and Salus for generously providing some great prizes as well. I would have to believe its always nicer to leave with more gear (free!) than you came with! And lastly thanks to Ben Albert, one of the crew members on our trip that co-presented with me. (still can't believe you gained weight on that trip!!)

What better way to leave that evening with not only a yearning to
go paddling (hopefully!) but with a prize in your hands!
Photo: Ben Albert

Here's a couple comments from those who attended the presentation that evening:

"David gave us a rare and valuable look at the rugged beauty of a river facing a dammed fate. Narrating us through the slides we got a feeling of the highs, lows and eventful twists they faced along the way!"
James Roberts - sea kayak instructor/guide (

"The Romaine River presentation not only left an impact on myself being a paddler, but you could feel the passion and energy in their voices while describing the amazing experience. The description of the tales told and the pictures captured of the breath taking experience these individuals had while conquering the thriving river. A motivational presentation which makes me want to experience so much more in the natural environment, one on one with nature."
Becky MacDonald - accomplished canoeist and guide

Well that's it folks!, - a least for now. Time to turn my focus back on canoe trips and getting myself into who-knows-what-else adventures!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lake Superior is an amazing place to paddle!,,..well maybe
visit when it looks like this!!

Wow, it's been a while since I've blogged! Time to get back on the keyboard as I have lots to share and write about! I just recently came back from paddling part of the coast of Lake Superior. Its a environment that is much more suited to a sea kayak, but as you already guessed, I did it in an open canoe! (true to my roots! ;)) Anyhow, the area is absolutely beautiful but frigidly cold especially at this time of year. We had a wonderful experience both on the water and off which I hope to share a bit later on. Anyhow, be in touch soon! Hope everyone's been out paddling!