Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Heartfelt Thanks

It was awesome seeing so many people taking their time out
that evening to attend our presentation on the Romaine.
Photo: Aleks Gusev

The Romaine River presentation last Tuesday at MEC went pretty well after dealing with some technical issues at the beginning of the show. Judging from the feedback, I think people enjoyed it. (Phew!) A heartfelt thanks to all of you that attended my presentation with David Robinson, especially to some of my friends that came out to support me. I was pleasantly surprised and ecstatic to see you all there! (Apologies to those of you I didn't have time to chat with after the show, - sorry!)

The presentation touched on the experiences of two concurring
trips and their fateful encounter including
the river's demise
Photo: Ben Albert

Big thanks to Michael Conner from MEC for inviting David Robinson and I to share our story and especially Rob Dale for 'sowing the seeds'. Thanks also to Aleks Gusev for putting the word out and being supportive of our presentation. Not forgetting my trip sponsors, Salus, The Original Bug Shirt, Roadpost, and especially Eureka and The Complete Paddler who also provided prizes to hand out after the presentation. I had a great evening, - relived some good memories, inspired others to get out paddling, and met some really nice people. It couldn't have been a better way to close out the show. Now that it's over, its time to head out for a canoe trip! (with the amazing weather recently how can you not!)

Be in touch soon!

Handing out prizes after the presentation is always lots of fun
Photo: Ben Albert

Always nice to get feedback and answer
questions after the show
Photo: Ben Albert

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