Thursday, September 10, 2009

Solo Excursion Pics

This is what it looked like starting the trip...

...and what it looked like finishing it!
(I know, I got it all wrong!)

Hey Everyone,

Didn't want to stay incognito for too long. I've been jumping between trips and there hasn't been any time to do much else than work and get ready for the next excursion. The solo trip went well - a split trip between Algonquin and the Kawarthas. It was really hard to go on my own after the trip with my "paddling bro's" on the Romaine, but it all came to together and I found peace, solitude and contentment out there. The weather was split - 2 days of rain and grey skies, then two days of blue skies and sunshine. Here's a few pics to tie you over. Now heading out to the French for 5 days to do the Old Voyageur Route. Be in touch soon!


I'm not fussy on trips. Just a comfortable
place to sleep, and....

...a slice of wilderness. (a full moon helps!)

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