Friday, August 28, 2009

tPP Out! - (for a bit)

"So that's why I couldn't see anything?!!"
Photo: Dimitry Sapon

I hope everyone is enjoying the blog on the Romaine. I've got lots of positive feedback and appreciate it. I'm trying to keep the posts coming but I'm going to run into some delays. September/October is my favourite time to paddle, which incidentally is also a great time for photos. Therefore unfortunately I won't be around much to write. I will definitely get back to it asap, but for the next month (or so) I have a very tight schedule between long hours at work and heading back out on the next trip so please bear with me for awhile. Thanks again for all you support and your willlingness to listen to this paddler ramble on! Off tomorrow morning on a 4 day solo! Be in touch soon!

*Quick side note, I appreciate the odd comments I get on the blog. A few times I've also had inquiries. Because the blog doesn't allow me to respond back, (I tried) I would actually have to respond back on the "Comments" section instead of responding back specifically to you. Maybe you'd like to remain anonymous which is fine, but if you'd like a response back please just email me at and I'll respond back. Don't worry, I won't phish, spam, or cyberstalk you, despite what my previous ex's say!! (joke! - really!! )

Hope everyone has had a great summer paddling!!


"This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy..."
Photo: Dimitry Sapon

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