Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nunikani Loop

Trees changing colour, mist in the mornings and cooler
temperatures herald the change in season

Even more recently, I came back from another solo excursion, 3 days in Haliburton doing the Nunikani Loop. The whole Leslie Frost area is now managed privately by the town under the name of Haliburton Highland Water Trails. After registering for the particular campsites and paying for it on the internet, off I went!

I had a nice trip that saw very little traffic or congestion, (namely other canoeist) due to the time of year. Not that I don't like running into them, (I actually met a very nice couple at the put-in where we ended up sharing contact info) but I understand these popular weekend destinations can get very busy. So it was nice to have most of the place to myself.

By the way, autumn is definitely on its way. The last morning was very cool and the colours have already started changing. Anyhow, here's a few pics. Now I got to get packing for the next trip with another new partner for an extended 9 day excursion in the Chiniguichi area. Be in touch soon!


Being alone allows you to take plenty pictures of
of yourself! I'm so full of myself, huh?!
(Don't you dare say it!)

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