Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chiniguichi-Sturgeon River Loop

Wow, time flies when you are never around. That's usually the case when you are enjoying yourself, isn't it? Before I knew it, my favourite month for paddling sadly ended after a whirlwind of activity. I shouldn't complain considering I struck out on 4 trips with more than half the month on the water. And let me tell you, the month of September did not disappoint! The weather continued to be amazing on the latest trip with only one day of rain in 9, considering the forecast prior to the trip!

Starting a trip and paddling into dramatic skies such as
these only portend good things

This last September trip was in an area I've been to twice before; the Chiniguichi area. However, not wanting to do the same route, I lengthened the loop and added to the already familiar one so that I could cover some new areas. Not that I don't enjoy the areas I've previously been to, but there is so much else out there to see and experience. I'm sure glad I did, as it was worth it; I love this area!

Going for a dip in a cool surging aerated pool is like
being in a world-class spa

I also had a chance to paddle with someone new whom I met on the Romaine River trip. Lisa is an experienced paddler with a solid background of tripping and whitewater skills. She is a Camp Kandalore alumnus and really knows her stuff. I found her to be more than my equal in the field, impressing me in many ways. It was a pleasure paddling with her. The combination of a great paddling partner, amazing route, and the spectacular weather was a great way to say farewell to September.

The dramatic display of colour on this trip
was a feast for the eyes...

Jumping into October, the rains began again with vengeance, just like last summer. Waves of rain after rain with no break in sight. I actually cancelled another outing due to all the rain! (imagine that!, I must be getting "soft"!) Anyhow, all is not lost, I still have a trip in mind for October. I'm starting to get stir crazy again so its planning time,..whether it rains or not!

...and lets not forget the visually stunning sunsets.
(Do I have to come home?!)

Now that I have a bit more time, I will get back to the Romaine River posts! Thanks for being patient! By the way, to all you Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving! (to you Americans, my sister is visiting from New York on your Thanksgiving, so I will send the well wishes then!)

Happy Paddling! (there is still lots of time!)

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