Friday, October 30, 2009

Eels Creek - Serpentine Lake Loop

Who said there are no colours left at the end of October?!!

Hi Everyone,

Just got back from 5 days of canoeing in the Kawarthas with Lisa. The paddling season has definitely slowed right down, evidenced by the empty parking lots and lack of canoes on the water. (although we did manage to run into another canoeist in a beautiful green cedar-canvas) The hardy few to brave the cold and wet environment this time of year can still be charmed by the lingering colours and the sense of total isolation.

This small MEC shelter lent to us by Lisa's father was
great for keeping the wind and rain off of us,
as well as keeping us warm!

Lisa and I combined 2 trips in the 5 days we had, given all the routes in the Kawarthas are fairly short. We first headed down Eels Creek (curious how the name came about) as a "there & back" route since we didn't have the luxury of a shuttle. We then headed further north to paddle the Serpentine Lake Loop, a route I had done years ago but in mid-summer. It was quite different this time (and nicer) with the lack of people and a much more colourful landscape.

Lisa having fun playing at the final rapid on Eels creek
before draining into Stony Lake

Since most of month was inundated by lots of rain and frigid temperatures, this trip ended up being the only outing in October. Cancelling my last trip was all it took to stubbornly head out regardless of the conditions this time. However luck would have it that the rain gods took it easy on us and we came back fully refreshed and revived to still consider a few more possible outings. The paddling season is definitely waning, but its still not over yet!

Taking a moment to enjoy High Falls along Eels Creek

Still Holding On, (to the paddles!)
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