Friday, August 7, 2009

Back Home Early

We are all home safe and sound. Other than the multitude of scrapes, bruises and minor injuries that were sustained on the trip, we are all in good health. Unfortunately, our team was unable to finish the trip due to a boat mishap and had to abort the trip prematurely. We arrived home Wed evening back to Toronto 4 days before the actual scheduled end. I'm sure everyone is curious to hear the details of the dramatic end, but we will be taking some time to debrief our family and friends as well as our sponsors before providing more details in the near future.

The Romaine river was true to form - incredibly challenging but alluringly enchanting. It is certainly a river of extremes which demands nothing less than your full respect and attention. We were all haunted, moved, touched, and awed by her. It was an incredible experience bar none. We don't have any regrets. We came back with more that we expected - full of appreciation and gratitude.

Be in touch soon.

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