Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Romaine River Pre-Trip Updates: Snacks

Stockpiling has begun! There is an endless assortment of food
out there and we are hoarding them like squirrels!

A week ago Ben and I went over the food list. We have to cover 21 days of meals for 4 guys. This means approximately 21 breakfast, lunch, and suppers times 4, which equates to 252 portions of food/meals - otherwords, quite a bit! Anyhow, I won't get into the details of actual meals for breakfast and supper yet, as I'm going to address what we are doing for lunches specifically. As we are planning to be moving everyday, (we don't have any planned rest days - yet) we have opted to have "moving meals" for lunch - otherwords lunch is not going to be a stop/cook/feast ordeal. Rather we will eat on demand when necessary. This could mean eating more frequently or larger portions depending on need. So we have to have things we can quickly access, readily eat and keep moving. Its not always going to be like that, but from what we know of the route, there are going to be days when it will imminently happen. So quick and easy is the name of the game. Therefore we are counting on high calorie foods and snacks - namely bars, trail mixes, jerkies, sweets, cheese etc.

One of our favourite high-calorie snacks - there is almost 7lbs of
M&M's folks and I guarantee, not a
single one will be wasted!

Several days ago I went to Costco (great place for bulk items) and started racking up hundreds of dollars of the above mentioned stuff. Its always a good laugh when people look in your cart and wonder what the hell I'm doing. In actual fact, the fellow behind me actually began inquiring and mentioned that he used to canoe as well. Honestly, he didn't stop talking to me about our trip until we got out into the parking lot! He was really envious of our trip and wished us well! Anyhow we are probably not totally finished shopping yet, but here is a sampling of what we have so far:

68 Cliff bars - 4.896 kg
96 Granola Bars (assorted) - 4.064 kg
72 Fruit Leathers (don't want to get scurvy!) - 1.008 kg
M&M's (addictive) - 3.160 kg
Trail Mix (3 types) - 4.300 kg
Nuts (assorted - not us!) - 3.740 kg
Jerky (store bought) - 1.200 kg
Jerky (5 bags homemade) - ? kg
Sour Keys (don't ask) - 2.510 kg
Chocolate - 0.800 kg
Wasabi Peas (to clear our sinuses) - 0.900 kg
Cheese - 2 kg approx
5-6 big sausages (I could comment but I'll refrain) - ? kg

Why Sour Keys? - just because we love them. The are as addictive
as M&M's and they help to crave our sweet tooth!
My brother is responsible for this!

If you have been tallying up the total weight, it comes to approx 28.5 kg or 63 odd pounds of "lunch" food. And I'm positive, that number will somehow edge higher when our group reassesses the mounting pile of food and add to it. Its a good combination of salty and sweet, fatty and not to help satisfy our cravings. This not to say that if we caught fish, we won't have a shore lunch to supplement our meals, but we will pack as if we are totally dependent on what we take. Anything extra is a bonus. And believe you me, I'm positive our bodies will not be adverse to more calories when the opportunity presents itself! (Here fishy, fishy! or That cute bunny would look great in a stew!)

Now if you paddle hard and behave, you will get chocolate,
if not, you get Wasabi Peas!!!

By the way, some people are calorie crunchers and list to the exact number how many each person should have. I've never done that, nor does our group. To make it easier, we figure for certain how much we eat for a short period of time (eg. 4 days, a week) and then multiply that by the total days. We then add 10-15% extra to be on the safe side. More food is definitely better than less. We will regularly assess our food pile (documented for better tracking) and ensure we are ahead of the curve.

Caught red-handed!!! "Really guys, I was just doing quality
control! I was doing it for the group!"

Anyhow if anyone has any other suggestions, please email me. We are always open to new ideas (or offerings!). Now if I can only stop munching on these snacks! Be in touch soon with another update!

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