Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MEC Paddlefest Jun 13-14 09

I had the pleasure of paddling with notable paddlers Becky
Mason and her husband Reid McLachlan at
the 2007 MEC Paddlefest

Greetings Everyone!

Its that time of year for the annual MEC Paddlefest in Toronto. This event now spans the country and is hosted by Mountain Equipment Co-Op in 8 different cities. It is a great event to promote paddling in the community and is open to paddlers of all skill levels. Of course I wouldn't be writing about a paddling event and not attend myself! (ok I admit, I missed a few due to tripping)

This year instead of just being a participant, I've been asked to instruct some courses so it won't be just free-wheeling for me. I invite everyone to come attend this event if you don't already have plans. (the weather is supposed to be hot and sunny!) Its an opportunity to not only participate in some water/land classes, but learn new things, make contacts and socialize with other like-minded people. There will be prominent paddlers around, tons of vendors displaying their goods as well as a bunch of prizes to be given out. How can you go wrong! (even I secured some prizes to hand out in my canoe routes course!) So come on out and take part!

Andy Baxter - Kevin Callan's paddling partner & sidekick
teaching the Canoe Routes course at the 2007
MEC Paddlefest - the pressure is on!

Here is the link to the actual Toronto MEC Paddlefest website if you would like more information:
Hope to see you out there!

On a side note, just wanted to update everyone on my injury. Things have been going very well, just very slow. I'm out of the sling now and doing physio to stretch the ligaments/muscles (they stiffened up quite a bit) and strengthen the shoulder. Its painful but necessary to get me back into shape - my physiotherapist told me that I would hate her for this. First off, I can't because she is such a doll, and secondly because I told her to hurt me. (hmm, that doesn't sound too good, does it?) She followed through with my enthusiasm as the pain sometimes takes everything I have not to speak my mind! (*%#@! - "No really its fine, don't stop." @*%#!,..@#%$!!!)

I found another use for the green Theraband that I do my
resistance exercise with. (my physiotherapist
is going kill me!!)

With all the good progress I made, I decided to venture out this past weekend with a friend to paddle in the Kawarthas on a very easy route. Everyone was understandably reserved about my decision, but the good thing is the shoulder felt great and the paddling went very well! (just don't ask me about getting in the hammock!) I feel almost normal now! It still is a long and painful recovery but at least there is an end in sight. There is a big expedition in the near future that I have my eyes sent on. (I will write more about it soon) I've already missed many trips and I won't let this one get away! Its all about forward progress! (okay Jen, hurt me again!)

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