Monday, June 29, 2009

Isabelle - My Future To Be, Paddling Partner

Born Isabelle Jee-Hae Lee April 21st of 2009

This is an overdue post that should have been blogged a while ago. I guess it’s a case of better late then never.

I wrote many weeks back about the imminent arrival of a new paddler:

Well a lot of time has passed since then and I wanted to give everyone an update. Most of you already know being parents, and some like me that have no clue, pregnancy is an exciting time filled with all kinds of emotions. For a while I was devoid of all the hoopla, but as the date of delivery approached and I spent some time with the expectant parents, it really started to hit me. So of course when I got a text message the morning of April 21 from my brother that Kerry was having contractions, I was excited, nervous, happy, and worried all at the same time! (I know, what a sap!, and I’m not even the dad!)

The proud mom posing with Isabelle. Check out
how much hair she's got!!!
Photo: James Lee

So after many anxious hours, 8hrs to be precise, Kerry finally delivered a precious girl named Isabelle. (apparently 5 hrs of contractions and 3 hrs of delivery - heck, I didn't even know there was a difference!?) She was a total of 7lbs 7ounces - a healthy size and weight I was told - I guess kind of like a nice sized speckled trout! Of course I wanted to head over right away, but I was TOLD to come after everything was settled and done. (sheesh!) So when I finally got the green light, our family immediately headed to the hospital with flowers and cameras in tow.

Feeding Isabelle for the first time! - that was the easy part.
Not so much the burping, she didn't like that.
Photo: James Lee

"Did Uncle D feed you enough?" - I think
its pretty self explanatory!
Photo: James Lee

Seeing tiny little Isabelle for the first time was so amazing. So was so cute and adorable we all fell in love with her. First off, let me clear something up about my use of the term "cute". Babies that are just delivered are not cute, period. Their head’s (and body) were just squeezed through a very small and physically almost impossible hole to emerge in our world. I’ve always liken these newborns to those (in my opinion) ugly and scary looking Cabbage Patch Dolls. Remember them? Anyhow, I will for certain say that babies are cute “packages” being so small and all, but cute face, ummmmm not yet. Once they've had time to fill out and look "normal", do they look cute. (some like me, never got to that stage!)

After the feeding (hard work!) I crashed with Isabelle
(talk about a responsible uncle!)
Photo: James Lee

Getting her off to a good start! And you think
I'm the irresponsible one!?
Photo: James Lee

Well fast forward a couple months and Isabelle is now 9 weeks old (I was corrected when I said she was 2 months old, - is there a different lingo for babies?!!) Anyhow, I absolutely adore my niece. I try and make it a habit to visit whenever I can and selfishly hoard her to myself for the duration of my stay there. Of course I hand her off at appropriate times (you know what I'm talking about) but the parents have been resistant to my attempts. Liken to learning how to swim for the first time and being thrown in the water, I've already had to feed her, burp her, try to soothe her when she cries, and even change her diapers! Talk about a crash course! The last time I was there, they wouldn't even come to help me change her!, yelling directions from downstairs! (if Isabelle wasn't so adorable!) So understandably the subject of baby-sitting has already came up. (do I in any shape or form look like I'm capable of looking after a baby?!!) Anyhow, time will tell. I do love spending time with her and I can guarantee once I get the okay, I'll be taking her on a canoe trip! That's my specialty!!

David: "Isabelle, do you want to go on a canoe trip?"
She says she'll think about it!

Congrats James and Kerry to a beautiful and precious little girl!

She's an adorable little munchkin!
Photo: James Lee


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