Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last Trip of the Year?

Heading out for the last time with my faithful
red Nova Craft Prospector!
Photo: Anita DeVries

Well, it's been crazy of late, especially at work and at home, so it will definitely be refreshing to get away on a canoe trip one last time this year. I've also been working hard at getting the series of posts of "The Event" up. I have one last one to do and hope to get it done next week, of course, after I return from my canoe trip. Yesterday, everyone has been shopping like mad on Black Friday; (It's not officially an event in Canada) even I took advantage of it and ordered a couple things online, but I am more than happy to get away from the continued shopping madness this weekend. In fact, as everyone is shopping for deals, I will take advantage of this 'mild weather deal', and get away on a solo 4 day trip in Algonquin. (I'm pretty sure I won't have to deal with crowds!) Well, have fun shopping this weekend if you are out looking for deals. I hope to get a good deal on this canoe trip! Be in touch soon!

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