Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Event - Part 4

Our small island campsite on Scarecrow Lake
surrounded by a thick fog

Did you know carving a wooden ring is not easy, especially with just a Leatherman? I spent almost one and a half hours carving, poking, trimming, and whittling away at that lump of cedar. Started with a piece too big, almost ruined it a couple times, and even came close to slicing my fingers! Throw in my generous use of colourful words, what started out looking like man's first invention of the wheel, it eventually took on the likeness of a ring. I wasn't going to win any awards, but I was happy with the results. (Did prehistoric man propose in the same way?) Hey, I even got the size right! A ring she once put on her finger, I found fit on my pinkie as reference. Yes I know, sneaky!

I wished I took pictures of how the piece of the wood transformed into a ring, but I was so concerned Anita may eventually wake up, I didn't stop for a second. And good thing, because just as I finished, she came out of the tent to relieve herself and ask what I was up too. I had just enough time to throw the wood chips/shavings into the fire and tuck the ring in my Pelican case before she came over. I told her I was contemplating (cough) life, and freezing my butt off. (No lie here!) That night, I was glowing with warmth, despite sliding my chilled body into my down bag. Beating the odds by the skin of my teeth, sleep came to me better than it ever had in the last few days.

One of 3 small beautiful' alpine' lakes we got
to see on our way up to the summit

The next morning dawned with our small island totally encased by thick fog. When the mist finally burned off, we were treated to a gorgeous day, the kind of day you wish for when you're about to propose outdoors. I was the happiest person in the world, considering everything that happened to get to this point. After a hearty breakfast of pancakes, we reluctantly began to pack up. We took our time that morning, luxuriating in the warmth from the rising sun and breathing in the cool crisp autumn air. Both feeling fortunate and at ease by the beautiful weather and scenery unfolding around our island, Scarecrow Lake was finally living up the hype I accredited to her prior to the trip. Of course, unknown to Anita, I wasn't totally relaxed as she was, considering what was coming. I just had to reassure myself that everything would work out fine - all in good time.

The hour and half it took to climb to the top was a great distraction. The combination of the physical exertion and the scenic trail helped to redirect my attention. Although, it was hard not to think about what was ahead, as every step brought us closer to the summit. Inevitably, we made it to the top. We took a moment to embrace, claim that we officially made it to the highest point in Ontario, (2275ft/693m), and then admire the unending vista in front of us. Thankfully, we were also the only ones up there, especially considering what I was going to do. (We passed two groups heading back down on our way up.) I couldn't have asked for better conditions, as we were sitting comfortably atop a mound of quartzite on an absolutely gorgeous fall day. More than ever, now was the perfect time. Gulp!

Enjoying the scene atop the highest point in Ontario
Ishpatina Ridge - 2275ft/693m

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