Friday, July 22, 2011

Hard Drive Failure!

After many fruitful years together, she has finally decided to
call it quits! Very disappointed, now time to look
for a 'newer, younger model'!

Its amazing how traumatic a hard drive failure on a computer can be! Predictably, people's lives, including mine, are bound more and more to computers, laptops, smartphones, and now tablets. Of course many of the things associated with computers are probably not all that necessary, (eg. games, social media,...well maybe) however, computers definitely make our lives easier and they have become pretty essential nowadays. (I just heard a survey that said computers are replacing pets as companions!) Well, when you lose access to your computer, you can quickly feel disconnected, but more importantly when you lose access to your hard drive, you can lose a lot of important data and personal stuff. Literally, all the things you have accumulated over the years can be lost in a split second. Scary stuff!

Decided to see if I can attempt to recover data from the hard
drive using some techniques I found on the internet,
although, I am not expecting anything.

Well, a few days ago, my computer starting acting up. I had a funny feeling something bad was going to happen. I quickly proceeded to back things up to an external hard drive. I was lucky enough to even get some kind of warning as sometimes it just quits. Anyhow, I was able to get most of my stuff uploaded before the drive finally stopped working. The damage was minimal (I think), but I'm sure I lost some stuff. I'm having to resort at the moment to move things to another computer for the time being until I get things sorted out - not fun. I really do feel somewhat 'disjointed', but do feel lucky too. I regularly back up my photos, but not usually everything else. Guess what's going to change now?! Well, time to assess the damage and get reorganized. Hopefully will have a normal post out soon!

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