Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back From Paddling!

Dimitry about to be force-fed water on the Coulonge!

Its been over a month since I've last blogged, wow, time does fly. Lots have been going on since then, namely 4 canoe trips totally 22 days, which could have been 24 if it were not for us finishing the Coulonge River trip early. As you can see, it didn't leave me many days in between to prep for the next trip, including the fact all those non-paddling days were spent at work too, so I apologize that I've haven't been anywhere close to updating my blog. Now that the dust has settled, (a least for now) besides all the housework, yarkwork, bills and other mundane things that need to be done, I will have some time to hopefully post a few blogs.

Fred admiring the scenery from a vantage point
high above the French River

I had a great time during the past month on these trips and almost feel lost not having the urgency to run around like a chicken without a head. Although, I do admit, it does feel great to sit 'on the can' relaxed in an air-conditioned house without having to be attacked by hordes of mosquitoes! There is always so much to write about on my trips - the ideas and subject matter doesn't stop flowing, but its near impossible to write about them all. I'm positive I could write a book if I had the time to sit down and just write,.......right, like that will happen! (Not planning to retire from canoeing anytime soon!) In any case, despite badly slicing my finger just before a canoe trip and risk cancelling it, finding no relief from mosquitoes while sleeping in a cabin, dumping in a rapid and losing my new favourite hat, as well as having my beloved stove blacken for the first time ever, all is good. Kind of like that line of T-shirts that says "Life is Good", it really is, despite it all. Ok, time to get writing! Hope all of you have got out paddling or will be soon! The weather is perfect for it!


And who else but me, licking my fingers rather
than kneading the bannock mix!
Photo: Anita DeVries

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