Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ho, ho, ho! Its that time of year! The mad rush, shopping madness, no parking spots, long lines, work parties, endless treats, cooking marathons, stuffed bellies and sugar highs - all the hallmarks that mark the approach of Christmas. And let's not even talk about Christmas day itself! Why do we do it? Did the spirit of Christmas create this, or the marketing campaigns of retailers? I am in no way innocent to all this madness, as frankly I get caught up in it too! Despite all this, there is positive lining to it all. Its time for family to get together, reaching out to those less fortunate and to celebrate its religious significance. That's what makes Christmas worth having, despite it all.

Well, I don't care much about receiving gifts this time of year. That is the least of my concern, but what's not to like if there is an odd 'canoe-shaped' present under the tree? Or one that is long and narrow? I'm sure any paddler would be,....let's say, ecstatic! Anyhow, I was really impressed with a recent glossy coloured Christmas flyer from The Bay. I couldn't help resist scanning the photo to post here. I think, no, I'm actually positive that this is an amazing scenario for the perfect gift! See the image below.

I couldn't scan the entire image due the size limitation of my scanner, but I got most of it. Tell me you aren't impressed! First off, there is a cedar canvas canoe in the traditional Bay (or formerly known as the The Hudson's Bay Company) colours wrapped in a huge red bow. Of course to match the canoe, there is the same coloured hardwood paddle wrapped in a somewhat similar bow, albeit significantly smaller. Now, the gift giving is extremely mismatched, going just by size. But whose counting, although I've heard the saying, "size matters", whatever that means?! ;) Anyhow, I'd certainly say based on this scenario, this is one lucky guy. Not only is he getting a beautiful canoe, there is the hot female in the equally appealing flannel shirt! Yes of course she is getting a beautiful hardwood paddle with the assumption the guy is a hunk in his flannel jammy. But why the hell does the paddle blade have "Up The Creek" printed on it?!! Talk about ruining a nice gift! (he just might get the paddle 'up the head'!) I know, i know, its just an ad - I'm just getting too much into the scene. (maybe I'm jealous?) Anyhow, hopefully with the paddle, there is an envelope with a plane ticket to the far north - something to give justice to this beautiful canoe and paddle. And of course if he should be so lucky, (considering the setting) maybe sex in the new canoe?!? Tis the season for giving, isn't it? What? What?! Did I say something wrong?!
(Hmm, I wonder if I can squeeze my canoe through the front door? ;))

Well, my wish this season is for all of you, including your family and loved one to have the most wonderful Christmas! One filled with lots of love, happiness and joy!I'm certainly looking forward to it as well, although my sister's first attempt at the turkey this year has me a bit worried. Anyhow, all the best to you this festive season!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

(How about we try the side door??)

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