Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 - Happy New Paddling Year!

So here we are, finally arriving once more on the last day of another year. Its been one hectic holiday season and not only am I pooped, I haven't had the time to reflect back on the previous year, yet. I've been working back to back and I barely had time to post this blog as I have to head right back out to our friend's place for New Year's celebration. You know what I need? Darn right, a canoe trip! Considering that we are going to be 10 degrees above normal temperatures in Toronto tomorrow, (11c and raining!) if the lakes were opened, I just might entertain that idea! I'm sure some of the local rivers are open too, but with fast moving water and iced-over sections, its a risky proposition.

Am I happy to close out 2010 and start 2011? Not really, doesn't phase me much - its just another day, another year. (other than coming to grips that I'll be a year older!) However, what I do look forward to at the start of the new year is dreaming and planning about all the possible and upcoming canoe trips. Its kind of like sugar fairies dancing around my head. (I know, I know, Christmas has past, but I'm still in the mood, so deal with it!) The winter solstice has passed, so has Christmas, and now the new year is approaching. We are almost there, but not before I get out for one last party in 2010! It's soon time to make new paddling dreams come true, what do you say to that? Cheers everyone! Can't wait!

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy New Year filled with lots of opportunities to paddle a canoe - whether on day outings, multi-day trips, or expeditions! Be safe, have fun and lets ring in the new year with big expectations!
Happy New Year's, paddlers!

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