Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Is Here!

Meeting Lisa the evening before to pack up and get ready to head out
first thing in the morning. We are FINALLY getting out to paddle
together since our last trip at the end of April!

As the summer season is in full swing now, its time to think about getting out and enjoying the outdoors, specifically canoeing! The weather has been unpredictable lately despite such an amazing start in the spring, but its still no reason not to get out and soak up the sun and the occasional rain. I had a good start to the season with 3 trips and several day paddles but since my last trip to Lake Superior at the beginning of May its been a dud. Needless to say, I've been getting very restless and antsy.

Its not like myself to allow so much time to pass before heading out on a trip, but there is a good reason. My girlfriend is a teacher so she doesn't have any flexibility in taking time off while school is in session. Therefore if I want to maximize my time with her on canoe trips, I have to make plans during the summer, which I have. The first of which I dutifully did on the first day after school finished! I purposely planned to take her away from the non-stop chatter and chaos of the classroom which I guarantee she will really appreciate. Then later in the summer we have an even longer trip to the Bloodvein River in Manitoba.

So we are headed out on July 1st, Canada Day (maybe not such a good idea) with friends to north central Ontario. The good thing about it is that we are not going to any provincial park (suicidal on a holiday weekend!) but a lost canoe route through some prime crown land. There is some issues regarding access to this area, or should I say the lack of. (which is not always a bad thing) In any case, it should make for some interesting stories if we can get there to begin with. After that, who knows what else! Once we are in we have 11 days to find our way out, so stay tuned!

I'm also excited about 2 other trips that are taking place around the same time I will be gone. The reason being is that I was asked to help out with trip planning and providing advice as they will be heading out on their first ever canoe trip! As much as I love planning for my trips, its just as exciting and rewarding to provide first hand advice and information to new up and coming canoe trippers. I will anxiously being looking forward to hearing about their trip and experiences.

Well enough time has been spent on the computer typing away! Its time to finally get out and enjoy the pull of the paddle and the splendours of the great outdoors! Hope your long weekend or summer plans include a canoe trip as well!

Happy Paddling!
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