Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kirkpatrick Lake Loop Jul 1-10 2010

This beautiful and pristine area in north central Ontario
is just waiting to be discovered in a canoe!

Well we're back!! Sure we're all sporting some achy muscles, lots of bug bites, stinky clothes and world class tans, but we got to paddle, portage, drag and haul through some pristine crown land northwest of Elliot Lake on a long forgotten canoe route. Was it worth it? For sure! We didn't see one other human being the whole time during our 10 days there and did I mention that the place is gorgeous?! Aqua green clear lakes, stunning shorelines, huge towering pines, and dramatic cliffs; where can you go locally these days and make that claim?! But it wasn't all pain free.

Yup, this was day one! There was no break-in period. We
were immediately immersed in the ruggedness
of the trip! All or nothing!

I admit there was some anxious moments, like whether we would manage to get in on the access road (and out), being lost several times, questionable route choices and sinking in bogs. But overall, the experience was amazing and we had lots of good laughs. The weather was great too - maybe too good. It was blistering hot and humid which made some of the long carries brutal under the oppressive heat. But like all portages, you usually end up at a body of water good for a refreshing swim. We often went in clothes and all to wash off the dirt, bog, sweat and bugs!

Hot and sweaty, humid and muggy....all equates to
lots of time in the water!

Later in the year I hope to write a bit more about our experiences on the Kirkpatrick Lake Loop canoe trip. It truly is a hidden gem that should be paddled and explored. A special thanks to Jay Mothersill from Paddleshack (he guided there years ago) for taking the time to pull out his dusty maps and provide just enough information to us so that we could not only go there, but discover a wonderful new place to paddle! I encourage all those who are looking for a bit of adventure and wanderlust to visit this place. It will truly deliver!

We definitely were awed and inspired by the beauty of the land
and water. We came with some expectations and left
with great memories and experiences.

Hope you are all getting some time out
on the water this summer!

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