Thursday, November 6, 2008

Opportunity Not to be Wasted!

With this wave of unseasonal warm temperatures it was hard not to think about canoeing. Its smells and feels of spring as the temperature gets up in the high teens during the day! Its really evident outside as people are not wearing jackets. (I even saw skin!,...t-shirts and short skirts!) So in the interest of utilizing the weather to its best potential, I decided to do the only thing that was right. Yes, it was a hard decision, but I will put my best "paddle" forward and head out! This time, I'm headed to the Magnetwan river to do a short loop starting from Harris lake. Even though I've been to the Magnetawan river before, this is a section that I haven't paddled through. And no, the four days that I'm out will not be all sun and warm temperatures. As it's forecasted for now, after the first day the temperature is steadily going to drop, as well as rain continually. (so why am I going?!) Because I love canoeing and the long portages on the last 2 days, will guarantee that I stay warm!
Be in touch soon!
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