Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back Home

Its nice to come back to a warm house, hot food, and a comfortable bed. Not that I didn't enjoy the trip or expected the conditions 'out there' to be totally hospitable, but it was certainly more than I expected, - at least the snowing part! I heard that we had some snow yesterday in Toronto - (looking back and forth),...really, I believe you! What would you do if you woke up one morning and looked out the tent and saw this?

I just had to laugh. (then moan!) Despite this, I had a 'fun' solo outing in Haliburton, paddling the Herb and Gun lake areas. Lots happened, - like partially falling in the lake and almost losing the canoe, nailing myself with a tree, and the wolf sighting! More to come later. Oh, by the way, the day before I left for my canoe trip, Marylou went on a 4 day safari. I told her to take a lot of pictures and to remember that the big cats there don't behave like her own back home. Since I also told her the temperature was going to be much colder on my outing, her reply back to me was to take pictures of the penquins! The conditions were perfect as you can see, but those penquins had me stumped! :) Its back to work tomorrow! (sigh!) D

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