Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well Wishes to Jim and Ted Baird!

Brothers Ted and Jim Baird - second and third from the left respectively.
This picture is from a spring run on the Credit river.

Just a small note to our friends Jim and Ted Baird.

They are well under way on their canoe expedition to Victoria Island to paddle the remote Kuujjua river for the next 3 weeks. Victoria Island is north of mainland Nunavut and is also part of the Northwest Territories. This trip is extreme in almost every manner possible such as the weather (it is located above the Artic circle), wildlife (polar bears), remoteness, and cost!

We would like to wish them all the best in their journey- especially their well-being and safety.

Looking forward to hearing their story and the accompanying pictures/videos when they get back! Here's a link to their website where you'll find more info on their trip as well as a radio interview: http://www.canoebeyond.com/

Here's is another link to their expedition on Kokotat's website: http://www.kokatat.com/expeditions.asp - Kokotat is a premiere manufacturer of watersport products which Jim was able to secure as a sponsor. Congrats guys!

Godspeed my friends!
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