Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ben & Imroze's Honeymoon Trip Update!

One of the best investment in backcountry gear: the Eureka VCS shelter!
Just ask Ben and Imroze!

After my previous post regarding the wedding gift to Ben and Imroze for their honeymoon trip, you know I couldn't just leave it hanging like that. I had to do a follow-up! (I'm starting to feel like a journalist!) They called me just before they got home from their trip to report that everything went well, (well almost) and that they had a great time together. (of course they did! - it was a honeymoon!!) Lastly, they stated that the bug shelter was a godsend and that they were completely thrilled with it! Our conversation was brief, so I invited them over the following week to hear their story.

When the bugs are bad outside, being inside the shelter
is sure to bring a smile!

Several nights ago, Ben and Imroze came over to my place to share stories and pictures of their honeymoon in Temagami. We had a great time together. After chowing down on some good 'ol chili Marylou had cooked up, they gave details of their adventure in the bush over a few beers. They shared moments of hardship, how they overcame challenges, times they worked together as a team, when they laughed uncontrollably, and made unforgettable memories. All hallmarks of a great canoe trip, but more importantly, the building stones of a successful marriage. I know I'm going off on a tangent, but as I see it, if they can get through a challenging canoe trip like this together, (especially being their first) they have a great future ahead of them.

The honeymoon had a few hiccups - Ben splitting his hand
when the axe kicked back. His hand is ok, but he left
a few pictographs at the campsite!

So the big question was, "Did the bug shelter save your honeymoon?" They both agreed that the bug tent was pivotal in making their honeymoon great. In Imroze's own words, it wasn't the tough portages, the long paddles, or battling wind and waves, (or even Ben! lol!) but being unprepared for the bugs that could have made the honeymoon a disaster. I can't say they weren't prepared, but I can definitely say they were much better off with the bug shelter. Especially on the first day when they flew into Katherine lake, they said the black flies were insane! The bugs were so bad that poor Igloo's eyes (Ben and Imroze's West Highland Terrier) were swelling shut due to the innumerable bites around her eyes!

Igloo finding respite from the bugs - even she appreciated
the bug shelter!

Ultimately, Ben and Imroze's honeymoon trip was a success for many other reasons, irregardless of the bug shelter. They got to experience a floatplane for the first time, see some of the most beautiful scenery in Temagami, dined on some amazing food including fish they caught, climbed to the second highest point in Ontario, and even had a friendly boater offer them beer in the middle of their trip! But most importantly, they got to spend quality time together in the wild open spaces that they love. Not everyone can relate and see the logic in spending a honeymoon in the bush, as some (okay, most) would prefer being at a resort sipping Pina Colata's, but I totally understand. Yeah, the hum of the mosquitoes outside the bug tent may be slightly annoying, but the peace, solitude, and beauty of the wilderness is a honeymoon paradise unmatched by many. That, I can vouch for!,....well, minus the honeymoon.

Ben and Imroze having a moment at Centre Falls. A picture of the same
place was the catalyst that first convinced Imroze to come here.

PS. Thrilled that Imroze thoroughly enjoyed her first canoe trip, Marylou and I are excited about taking a trip together with them! The summer is short, but we'll try and squeeze something in. Fingers crossed!

Igloo: "I hate bugs!"

All photos in this post are courtesy of Ben and Imroze Albert.
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