Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Day After

It's official, I'm married! And yes, we were able to pull off the canoe wedding after all! The weather leading up to the day, including the day itself was unpredictable. On our drive up, we drove through a downpour when the skies darkened all around us. My stomach was in knots. Would we be able to pull it off? We had contingency plans, but considering how much time, effort, and money was spent to execute this canoe wedding, we didn't even want to consider it. Maybe positive thinking had something to do with it? Or maybe the fact that so many people were praying for a nice day. Either way, it turned out to be the most beautiful day for a canoe wedding!

It's the day after and I'm sick in bed aching, coughing, and stuffed up. I think the stress of everything has finally taken its toll. Despite the relief and thrill that everything worked out amazing at the wedding, I guess my body finally said enough. So instead of heading off on a honeymoon canoe trip, I am recovering at home. Actually, we both are, as Anita's toe was confirmed broken. So any notion of a honeymoon canoe trip was over awhile ago, sigh. No problem, we are just thrilled and happy everything worked out as planned, so for now, we are just going to stay home to recoup and relax.

I will have more to share in regards to the wedding later on. I don't have any pictures to share, because for once in my life, people were taking pictures of me rather than the other way around! Anyhow, based on feedback and the amazing comments I received, I am looking forward to the pictures with much anticipation as all of you! For now, I'm going to grab another tea and head to bed - with my wife!


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