Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home from the Bloodvein River Expedition

Surprisingly as we entered the Manitoba side of the river there
was a federal plaque honouring the Bloodvein as a
Canadian Heritage River on a campsite!
Was it really necessary?!

After 18 days on the river paddling 320 kms, plus 7 days on the road driving approx 5000 kms we are finally back home safe and sound. Phew! We had a great time on the river and the corresponding road trip but its all over now. (sigh) It's back to reality, - to house chores, bills and work. No wonder its depressing coming back home!

There is lots of stories and experiences to share from our Bloodvein trip including several unforeseen events. (What else would you'd expect from my trips?!) I always hope that my excursions into the 'wild blue yonder' plays out perfectly, but that would just make it plain vanilla. It may unfortunately be at my (our) expense, but at least it makes for some great stories!

Lisa and I are in the midst of cleaning and putting away the mountain of gear, clothes and even food from the trip. (Imagine that! We actually brought back lots of trail mix!!) Once that's done and I'm settled back at home/work, I'll try to post some stories from the trip as soon as possible. Especially since September is around the corner and you know what that means, - I'll be out paddling my favourite month of the year!
Be in touch soon!


Manitou Rapid was my favourite campsite. The rest day was
well worth it. It was all smiles except for one
thing, come later!
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