Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Sponsors for 2010

Bending Branches will be providing several paddles to speed up
the long haul on big stretches of flat water when the
wind is not at my back.

Being involved in the paddling industry (presentations, shows, and with publications and sponsors) you get to meet lots of people and frequently make new contacts. Its great meeting fellow outdoor enthusiasts or even paddlers themselves that work as reps or are involved in sales and marketing. Just recently at the Outdoor Adventure Show, even though I've already met many prominent paddlers, I occasionally run into ones I still haven't met, - like Mark Scriver. He is one of Canada's best known whitewater paddler who co-wrote the book "Thrill of the Paddle" with Paul Mason. (And of course we all now who the Mason's are, right?! I'll forgive the non-paddlers that read this post!) We had a great conversation talking about canoes/trips and then left with a handshake and his business card. Its just even these brief encounters that make it all worthwhile! (And who knows where this association may lead too!)

Hooligan is a small Canadian company that is supplying me an
assortment of very rugged and tough paddling gear.
Essential for the many trips I plan to put
them through!

Known for their extremely tough whitewater paddles, Aqua-
Bound paddles with be a welcome addition to deal with
the extremely low water levels this year.

At the beginning of the year I always wonder what the new year holds for me in terms of canoe trips, experiences and opportunities. With canoe trips, you plan for it in advance and then hope for the best as sometimes weather, injuries, niece's birthday or even your paddling partner suddenly dropping out can make it a crap shoot. Experiences; well on a canoe trip it is as speculative as the stock market. Again dependent on things like route choice, partner, how many bears are hungry that year or even your luck! (Or is it the lack of?) However, opportunities are usually always good, such as solid dependable sponsors that support your sport and passion. Grateful to still have the support of many of my previous sponsors, I've also been fortunate enough to be signed on with a few new ones this year - AquaBound, Bending Branches, and Hooligan Gear. These companies will certainly be more dependable then some of my canoe trips, partners or even luck!

Salus has already saved my a** once in a hole so its nice
to have them aboard to keep me afloat!

Most people don't like wearing bug apparel, but all it takes is that
one time when putting it on helped you survive hell on
earth to truly appreciate it. Thanks for
keeping the bastards out!

My frequent excursions on canoe trips tend to work well with paddling gear companies as they get a combination of exposure, feedback, reviews and pictures. Especially when I push the limits of the paddling season or get myself into unusual predicaments. I believe its a synergistic relationship where we both get to benefit from this association. I'm truly lucky and grateful for these amazing relationships which has also meant some meaningful friendships as well. I am really looking forward to both working with these companies as well as putting their products to good use in the 2010 paddling season! There will be more to come as I will blog on the new gear being used and their reviews at the end of the season. I will also being using some new exciting tents this year from Eureka including a "paddle sock" sent to me to trial from Badger Paddles. So stay tuned, especially if you are prospecting for new paddling gear!

Eureka will provide quality tents to fend off the temperamental
weather including an assortment of gear that provides
creature comforts around camp.

An opportunity to trial a 'paddle sock' to
protect my paddle during its travel!

A big thanks to my new and enduring sponsors that trust I will survive another season of paddling adventures to eventually showcase their products! Now that's conviction! (What, you are not joining me on the canoe trip because of that baby shower!??!! - partners?!!)

Yeah right! They'd have to pay me to eat that stuff! I tried it
for the first time on a trip recently and despite giving
me calories, my body hasn't craved it since.
Coincidence?!! No thanks!
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