Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Romaine River Pre-Trip Updates: Food

Bags of food littered Ben's place as the growing
pile looked like a small mountain!

Food of course is vital to any canoe trip, especially the longer and the more physically demanding it is, - like this one. Lucikly we have a couple guys that have dehydrators that were running full tilt to get that big pain of "water weight" down to bearable levels while preparing meals to satisfy our appetite. And trust me, all four of us can eat so there is no skimping here!! (Ben I don't want to hear that its "too heavy"!!)

In the previous post where I talk about Rob and I paddling a decent distance, we hardly had any portages to deal with yet we polished our lunch/snacks multiple times throughout the day lickety-split! If we'd continued longer on that trip, I'm sure we would have been rationing! (or gnawing on our forearms) The trip coming up is a totally different beast - much more physically demanding in the form of tough portages, lots of linning, bushwhacking, and of course paddling! Calories, and lots of it in the the form of fat is necessary to keep us going. Nuts, peanut butter, bacon, shortening (of course not by itself!), cheese, sausages and even milk chocolate! Sounds like the Atkins diet! Yum!

Trying to sort through the mess of food and equipment

Okay, now wouldn't that be funny if we gained weight after the trip?!! In actual fact, we are going to weigh ourselves prior to the trip and re-weigh ourselves afterwards. If anyone is heavier than at the start, we will know they were guilty of snacking on M&M's while we were sleeping! - the only appropriate punishment will be dealt by a sustained wedgy!! Okay so back to food.

Packing dehydrated meals in the barrels - fills up fast!

We have a combination of store bought and homemade dehydrated meals. Here's a sample:

Harvest Foodworks: Alfredo Primavera, Omelette
Osem: Lentils and Rice, Chinese Fried Rice, Tomato Pasta, Couscous
Variety of Spicy Asian Noodles - (not Mr Noodles, those are jokes, we have the REAL stuff that will make you sweat and clear your sinuses but they are soooo good!)
Sidekicks: Singapore Curry Noodles, Mexican Rice

Morrocan Chicken Stew
Couscous Primavera
Hungarian Goulash

Blueberry Cobbler
Apple Walnut Cake
Corn Biscuits

I know all you ladies are salivating - its going
to be like an
all-you-can-eat chocolate fest

Of course to supplement the meals we will bake bannock, boil up pasta/rice, whip up mash potatoes, savour/pucker up on double-smoked bacon, chew on fruit leathers and drink lots of soup. To flavour things up we have herbs, salt, cayenne pepper, dried veggie flakes, a bag of TVP (texture vegetable protein), box of chicken stock cubes and even a small pepper grinder! Let's not forgot important drinks - like a couple pounds of coffee, 40 tea bags, 24 cup-o-soups, 30 servings of hot chocolate, drink crystals (lemonade & Ice Tea) as well as Gatorade. Phew!, I'm running out of air just writing this! I think for the most part we won't go hungry, maybe a little sore from hauling all this weight around, but we don't want any of the guys looking at each other as potential meals, despite some of us already looking like we could use more food now!

This past Sunday we gathered for our last pow-wow before the trip. We brought pretty much everything to package, organize, verify, pack, and see if everything fits! (it does, thank goodness!) We have 2 huge 120 litre packs and 4 waterproof barrels to accompany us. All in all we have pretty much 3 barrels worth of food (each barrel being 60 litres). I don't know the weight, but one is definitely very heavy and since Rob couldn't be there, (shhhhhh!) - we designated that barrel to him! "No, no, not that one. That one is heavy, so I'm carrying it. THIS one is your's Rob, here let me help you get it on your shoulder!" ; )

We have an interesting concoction of unreadable, unpronounceable,
questionable variety of soup, - compliments of Ben's dad.
A couple actually states "Red Soup", "Orange Soup"
Should we be worried?!!

By the way, feel free to donate delicious food/snacks/meals to our cause. We won't refuse, even if Ben says "It tooo heavy!", I'll find a place to squeeze it in Rob's barrel!

Cheers, The RRC

PS. By the way, I forgot to say that we will enhance our meals with fish if we can catch any, - I won't mention any names.

Poor Igloo, she thought it was her birthday
again with all the food lying around!!

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