Friday, April 17, 2009

2009 Inaugural Canoe Trip!

Yeah, sure I’ve been paddling for over a month now, but they have all been day trips and frequently it was pretty cold. But when you start driving to work with the window open and the heater turned off, it’s a sure sign of things to come, - canoe trips!

This weekend there is a big whitewater event in Marmora (near Peterborough) called Mackfest. (its an acronym for Marmora Area Canoe & Kayak Festival) Here's the website: It’s basically a gathering of like-minded whitewater paddlers taking advantage of the spring melt on various local rivers/creeks in the area. So guess where I’m headed?! (it takes a little more than guessing) Nope!, unfortunately I won’t be attending the actual event as I have to work tomorrow, but a bunch of friends and I are going there to paddle the day after. I’m sure there will be still be lots of paddlers around, but our group will be a side show to the main event.

My friend Jim Baird paddled the weekend before on the upper and lower Black river and had a blast. After sharing stories and photos of the amazing river, I was hooked! (I would be the only fish swimming in faster than the fisherman could reel the line in!!) So we are going to head out tomorrow after I finish work. The plan is to camp near the put-in before heading out on the Black first thing in the morning. But of course, that would only make it a day trip!? (some of you were paying attention!) So to take advantage of the time I have off, Rob and I are going to head immediately afterwards to Skootamatta Lake and continue paddling down the Skoot for the following 2 days.

The weather will be a mix of sun and rain and moderate temperatures, but who really cares? Just the anticipation is worth it! Besides, guess what I’m wearing!? If not the laughs from the disastrous runs or the occasional dump we may experience, I have the female fuscia drysuit (see previous post: Credit River Race - Going For Gold) to entertain my group with! (hope there isn’t too many other macho paddlers around!) I’ve already told them to laugh all they want (colour and rear hatch), because I hope during the paddle they have to make a more considerable contribution to the bush! Then we’ll see who’s laughing!!!

Be in touch soon with pics and hopefully some video!


PS. Just for clarification, the fuscia drysuit is not mine! I’m borrowing it until I get a hold of a men’s Level 6 BLUE drysuit! Huh!

PPS. I may have a new appreciation for women and their idiosyncrasies as I squat to go pee!
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