Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Finally Published!

A few years back, I had the fortuitous opportunity to meet an amazing couple from BC at Killarney Provincial Park. It was November and the whole area was covered in snow as Marylou and I pulled into the park office with a canoe on top of the vehicle. Yes you read right, we were going canoeing. Canoeing?!! - that's exactly what the the park staff and this couple were thinking. Curiosity got the best of them, - whereas a question became a conversation which then ended up with us purchasing a book from them.

Yes, this was the scenery just before we turned into the
Killarney Provincial Park office to canoe!

So who are they and why did I buy a book?! Let me introduce you to Matt and Stacey Jackson, - an outdoors-oriented, adventuresome couple from British Columbia. They have hiked, canoed, mountaineered and kayaked various spectacular places in North America, even just recently hiking on Baffin island for their honeymoon! Like old friends, we hit it off instantly as we shared many similar interests and outdoor pursuits. Matt had just recently driven from out west to promote and sell a new book that he had just self-published and was spending some time with Stacey and a friend at the park. The subject eventually turned to his new book titled "Mugged By A Moose", which is an anthology of humorous misadventures in the wilderness. Since I knew I could relate, I had to buy a book from him!

Hanging out with Stacey and Matt Jackson

Since then, we've met several times and have become good friends through the years. When it came to pass for Matt to put another book together titled "The Beaver That Ate My Canoe", I was asked to contribute a story. (no, a beaver didn't eat my canoe!, that's someone else's story!) So with Matt's blind faith in my writing skills, -or lack of - I'm pleased to announce I've finally become a published author! (Really people, it doesn't mean much - I'm just totting my own horn!) The book recently came out and much like the previous one, it is a delight and joy to read. The statement on the cover is true to its word, - "True Tales to make you Laugh, Chortle, Snicker and Feel Inspired" (it also tends to soften the pain you suffered on your own trips!)

This is the book! My story is on page 121
titled "Bridge Over Troubled Waters".

Matt has edited/authored several other book titles including an award-winning book on his 4 year adventure hitch-hiking across Canada. Yes people!, hitch-hiking! He is also a photojournalist that has been featured in dozens of popular outdoor magazines. If anyone is interested in any of his books, here's a link to his website. - http://www.summitstudios.biz/

By the way, Matt also takes amazing photos. That wee little
person all the way down there is Stacey!
Photo credit: Matt Jackson

Matt is presently still selling his wares across North America, while seeking, searching, and connecting with out-of-touch individuals like myself. (he needs more material!) Congrats Matt to a great book, and thank you guys for not only believing in me, but enriching my life with your friendship! All the best!

The lovely couple laughing - the one thing they
don't stop doing! Something we should
all do more often!
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