Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 13-14 09 - 24th Annual Wilderness Canoe Symposium

When the pile of snow atop the canoe is as high as the canoe is
deep, you know you've been getting lots of snow!
It's my new snow depth gauge!

After enduring many months of winter (especially this year!), canoeist like myself begin to daydream of open water and yearn to paddle again. In the midst of our winter blues, some of us have made the annual pilgrimage to downtown Toronto to attend the Wilderness Canoe Symposium. Its a temporary panacea to help us forget the cold and snow, while guaranteeing to rejuvenate, inspire, and allow us to dream of far away places.

Enjoying the presentations at the symposium with a
bunch of good friends!

This has been my second year attending the symposium and it does not disappoint. The variety of different presentations is guaranteed to make it enjoyable for everyone. There are stunning photos to see, incredible feats to be amazed at, inspiring stories to aspire to, and funny moments to laugh at. It helps us all to rediscover why it is that we all love to canoe and helps us cope with the rest of winter.

Kevin Callan entertaining us during lunch at a nice Greek,
- or was it an Italian restaurant?!!

I also like to congratulate our friends Jim and Ted Baird for their amazing presentation on the Kuujjua River trip. You had the audience captivated by the stories, humor, and photos. Good job guys!

Lost between the Jolly "Red" Giants - Ted and Jim Baird!

Well, all I have to say is if you haven't attended this symposium, you should, and if you have, like me, our lives have just been enriched a bit more!


PS: Igloo says 2 more months till ice out! Thank goodness!!

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