Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obabika River Loop - Day 4

Campsite on Wawiagama Lk: Flat open spaces and a canopy
of tree cover makes for a great sleep!

Opening my eyes early this morning, I was hopeful when I saw that the tent walls were bright. Quickly looking through the mesh door, I could see the day was dawning bright and beautiful. What a nice treat! It was motivation to get out right away, which I did, but the moment I had on shore was short lived by the clouds of mosquitoes. I quickly retreated into the bug tent to get some hot drinks going.

Today we didn't have far to go so we decided to take our time and relax a bit. After breakfast Marylou even headed back into the tent to nap again!, - imagine that! Whereas I took the time to get caught up in my journal, spend some time exploring around and taking some pictures. I couldn't resist luxuriating in the nice weather and sun.

Relaxing along the shores of Wawiagama

Moving at a snail's pace we were finally back on the water at 14:00. For some reason we, (let me correct that, - I) had a little trouble locating the 910m portage into Obabika Lake. The marshy shoreline with its high grasses made it hard to locate. However, once we finally found it, we completed the fairly easy trek to Lake Obabika.

Do you see the portage?!!

We then paddled west through a scattering of islands with some nice campsites before turning north along the west shore. The day was becoming increasingly hot and humid, ideal conditions for creating more of those big fluffy clouds. (you know what I was thinking, right?!)

Persistently wet socks can be a source of problems
between partners in a canoe. See above!

As we continued paddling north, a large scree field topped by huge cliffs soon towered over us. Since I was eager to take some pictures here, we decided to also stop for a snack. After filling myself on some bars, I couldn't contain my excitement any more. Like a little kid, I grabbed my camera and began climbing up.

The view from near the top was spectacular and the nice breeze was refreshing from the heat. Even more spectacular was seeing the massive pollen clouds in the water. It was like some big sea serpent moving through the lake. Who would have guessed!

Massive pollen clouds moving north on Obabika Lake - my
view was definitely better than Marylou's down below

After endless shutter clicks, we finally moved on. We wanted a campsite close to the portage out of Obabika Lake, so we settled for a nice site across from it. Being out on a breezy point, we figured it would keep us relatively cool and keep the bugs at bay. It was nice for a change not having to set up in the dark! I even took the opportunity to go for a refreshing dip to wash off all the dirt and sweat. The rest of the evening was spent reading, writing and and relaxing after supper. It was an excellent way to spend the last night of the trip and fall asleep feeling very content.

Stunning Blue Flags along the shores
of Lake Obabika

Day 5 - "Get to the that shore now!!!"
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